Monday, March 12, 2012


Nighthk11 :They are instituting a completely new system so that when you deposit 
your money it is not stolen by backdrops that have been installed in the current 
system. each time they have tried to activate thius, they find another loophole.
They are being closed as they are found. You can thank the people who are trying 
so hard to get this done so that your money once deposited is protected. Once 
they are satisfied, they will release for cash in

Nighthk11 {authority for activation has been given, that means it is approved/done-now they must insure that the system is secure, many, many bad folks out there who had plans to steal this rv from us- It may come at anytime now

Nighthk11 :all I will say is they have made great progress and we are close to cashing in

Nighthk11: if you are still following the articles out of Iraq, they should tell you that 
the dinar must be put on the market asap- so there is a lot of attention being 
given to security at banking level for the individual depositor.

Nothing is wrong and there is no delay- this event is one time and must be done 

Nighthk11:they are taking back power from despots and the elite- so keep the faith, and hang tough, as soon as they are satisfied, banks will be cashing out at a very good rate- take care and stay positive

Nighthk11 :yes 3.46 , figures stated are not correct- there will be a drop in value of the dollar but not to worry, it will rise after global reset.

Agreement between Kuwait and Iraq allow for 10-20% over Kuwait's current rate-Nighthk11: it is a good rate when released, all will be happy

Nighthk11:many things happening that cannot be discussed here- but everything is going well- that is all for now. Take care

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