Monday, January 16, 2012


Dan – things are bothering me. In your face call, informative. Of all the stuff going on, this is not the day to be pulling punches.

You've heard calls & rumors. Biggest thing I have to put out is everyone pay attention and be careful today and tomorrow.

Everyone wants your information. What is their motive?

Tony will talk about extremely high price for the extremely privileged.
I think it's a bunch of baloney.

I never would have given my personal information on that call last night.
How much money you have & what is it going to cost you? 

Dan - I look at Johnny, Bellagrits & FB, there are others. I know they're here for the best they can give you. I don't believe they'd hurt you. There are others that want to charge for things. I don't have to mention who they are. Be careful of those types of people. 

I don't believe the revalue of a huge number days before the real number, is real. We're close still, some misinfo coming to surface
Tony - The whole thing last night I want everyone to underst6and, we give out our best info. Some say it's too much info. 

I know what it takes to get to 7, 12, and 3 dollars. I do know how to add.
Use your currency calculator and you can figure it out too.

The 12 dollar number if it's 7 something to the gbp. For it to come out at 12 is going to shock me.
Let's hope it's one of the 4 numbers that we're hearing.

I don't believe that it's possible for it to go from 12 to 3 or 4 in a 24-hr period without a major catastrophe happening in their country. That is hype. 

Dan - Rate out there so high that Tony doesn't even believe it. Could be a, b, or C then come down.......just like Kuwait........don't believe Iraq will stay at one rate. We are just telling you

Tony - We wanna touch on the other part here. We're hearing ppl getting invited to banks. Not a problem to me. Know groups that have set up things w/banks. No one should be charging you. Disturbed me when got the emails and texts about it. Been telling you as quick as you get this money someone's going to try to take it from you.

If it happened today, there are 4 banks in Texas that will cash you in today. Why would you give someone else the privilege of taking your money? You know its real close. If you didn't think so, just look at the scenarios taking place. You shouldn’t have to pay anyone for the privilege of walking into a bank and cashing in your money.

Don't even know or care who it is, but the whole scenario bothered me. Haven't even got paid yet and they're trying to take money out of their bank accounts. 

Gary - Everything is moving forward. Info we're getting back is they're looking at mid week as things come together. Still a few details on the table, but basically all is done. Banks are waiting for go signal and we're hoping to see it within, not gonna say it, hoping to see it real shortly.

Dan - Just got a text message. Ppl on other boards. It figures these ppl are still saying it’s happening. Let me tell you, until it happens, we're gonna give you the most updated info. Told you what we thought was fake info about Maliki. Didn't believe it was real info that he would be outed at the last second.

Everyone's in place that's gonna be in place. The rest is just smoke.

Banking situations, we didn't have this scenario last week. Trying to bring the best and most updated info we can. Doesn't matter to me what ppl write on other boards. Other boards all play our stuff, whatever boards you belong to, we're giving it to you as we get it. We're well connected. Pretty good group here.

There's some sharp groups out there, mentioned 3 ppl on our board that are trying to their best. Everything is still moving forward. Today is one of the best days it could be. Went thru another week and it still sounds good.

Gary - If you listened last wk, we talked about meetings being held, thing going on in inner circles in Iraq, said we weren't expecting it Friday, but we were expecting it probably Tues or Wed of this week. What we told you last wk is still on target.

As we look at where we're going, we're still on track. Got the banks, the countries, international banking systems, what's going on in US with the banks? They are prepared, up and ready. As Tony shared, he sees the same thing. Tony, see anything that might get in the way. 

Tony - Absolutely nothing. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, on Wednesday, I'm gonna ask permission to tell you guys the sequence of events. I would love nothing more than to explain that to everyone. I'm looking for Tuesday though.

There is no negative. Every call I got over the weekend is saying its out of everyone's hands. Saying done done done. It’s the system now. Don't mean algorhythms or any of that that’s done. There are numbers. Each agency has been given a diff number so it can't be tied down. Makes sense? Add some common sense and we should be alright.

Comments of our boards and other boards. I let the boards to what they're gonna do but last night on the call I was getting some texts, yesterday 10 emails of ppl causing problems on the board. I'm telling you, I'm gonna do it. I will permanently bad these people. Will never be part of PTR. When you start getting silly and negative and making stupid a$$ comments to the other members, we've gone too far and done too much for that.

If I get a complaint on you, I'm banning your name, your user'sname and every IP address you've ever used. I'm thru with it. Too close to mess with people who don't know what they don't know. Not trying to get negative. No more info to say other than it’s happened. That's what we have to wait for. 

Dan - We have our own examples and our leaders and ppl we take direction from. We're gonna bring some of those ppl to the forefront. Has to be treated like an educational finance situation. No room for playing around. We're done. We just want serious ppl willing to investigate w/us and ready to move into the financial world with us.

Even if we come back 4-6 times a month, we want you as members to be able to put something out there regarding the dinar world. We really need to say, 'what do adults do in this situation
Gonna see things from banks, investment ppl, real estate. I think everything is very good and positive and Tony just brought it back to an educational place, not a negative place. Just like they do in college, if you don't participate and follow the rules, you're asked to leave.

Let’s say it RV's first thing tomorrow, yes we're gonna do a fast call and try to catch everyone up on what's going on. Want everyone to be able to move and react. Have to get rid of the children in order to do that. Moving forward, we're going to move in a very precise say. Things are about to change.

Talked this morning, about putting plans in action depending on which way these things go.
It’s really starting to heat up. I'm real excited. 

Tony - members can share opportunities, members can send you ideas or suggestions, what type of investments you should do, what questions you should ask. That kind of resource is nowhere else for $15.

Access to hundreds or thousands of millionaires for $15/mo. You have to understand what you have and what will be here in the future. I opened my email box and there’s 10, 12, 13 complaints on one guy. Don't even want to hear his excuse. No more time for that.

If you're tired of hearing what we have, tune out. That's what's gonna happen on every call because we're that close. 

Dan - I know Tony & Gary will agree. Do you mind if I put an email address out there. If you guys have some ideas, whether it’s your own biz or something you want to see on the bull... We're not looking for partners, not doing biz w/anyone. This is what the bull is gonna be about. That's what PTR is going to be about. If you've got something you want to send, you can email this over when we get it set up.

MyBusinessOnPeople'sTalkRadio.com Not set up yet. Give us an hour or so.

Basically, while we're waiting for this thing to go, hopefully tomorrow, what if it takes another week. We would like some ideas on what you ppl are planning on doing. Lots of ppl smarter than us.

Tony - Even if they have a business idea they want to discuss, now's the time to discuss it.

Dan - We'll have GolferDan and the mods put it up in the chat room. It will be posted. Nothing put together yet. Start thinking about it. Ppl want to bring their charter biz, all diff kinds of stuff. Now is the time to utilize the bull for what it’s gonna be used for in the future. 

Tony - It’s not about marketing, not about you paying us for it. It’s about us having discussions, did some of this last night. It’s kind of just involving us and everyone in it so we can give and get diff opinions.

Dan - There's no charge other than being a member. We just want your ideas. You're going to be giving your ideas to the group and us.

I don't want any work, but some of you guys might want to. Bring whatever you've got.
Send your e mail to 5for10@peoplestalkradio.com subject LINE: Another MONDAY or Martin Luther King Day..... 

Dan - ML King is one of the few holidays to remember someone who really did a unique thing for this country. When it comes to this day, I think it speaks for what a lot of us want to take place. Liberty, freedom, equality, the way God created us. 

RedLily - we had a great time on the call last night. There are some rockin' articles coming out today. Tony not crazy about them, but they're coming out. I just love it.

Tony - sometimes they're repeat articles, but still good to let us know what's going on.
When I question them is when it’s about what's going on in parliament, M, A, etc.

I have ppl with very good contacts in Iraq. You wouldn't believe who. I know that stuff is over with. I know it is!

An article that came out this a.m. was Kuwait saying they will not stand in Iraq's way of getting out of Ch 7. 

Q&A has started, I'm done, take care everyone! 

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