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ONE WHO KNOWS: GCR: Questions and Concerns, 25 APRIL

GCR: Questions and Concerns

This is a question from someone that is worried about how this is all coming together. I have answered the questions in the post in orange.

"Question for OWK" by (Anonymous) - 4.24.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:47 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Dear OWK,

Please bear with me here. I also have been researching down the rabbit holes for several years now and have been blessed to connect with some incredible people / sources. I fully agree with you that it is time to ditch the fear porn and trust the good guys are at the helm rolling everything out, all of the pieces, as needed. That said, as much as I find it criminal to continue scaring those paying attention and seeking out truth, I also find it irresponsible in a damaging way to continue pumping hopium and a false sense of security.

You claim to be connected to the Grandfather in charge of the elders. So is Zap. Why hasn't Grandfather reached out to him to put his nonsense in check?

Zap DOES NOT have good sources.

They went bad and he doesn't realize it.

He is NOT Connected to THE Grandfather who wrote "THE Plan"

He Thinks He is, But He is NOT

It may be true the technologies are either there, or will be, to prevent catastrophic events of every kind, but even the nonsense saying paymasters received money, only to hear those funds are in transit yet again due to some secure banking corruption continuing is impossible for anyone to believe with any brain cells left to take. We cannot be so safe, yet dealing with remaining risks, simultaneously.

Sorry, I do NOT respect Zap intel, and I do NOT follow him. 

As for all the good you suggest is already here in that we have no further reason to worry. I ask you to please address then why we are still experiencing chemtrails, GMOs, pesticides, and outright poisons in our food and water supplies, toxins in our clothing materials, corrupt legal system where good, honest people are locked away in injustice or loose their children, IRS continues siphoning and harassing people for federal taxes they had no clue they volunteered for, vaccines are still pushed on those trusting miseducated doctors. I can go on with other examples but you get my point. I have heard none of this will change until the Republic is activated. Is that true? It will all go poof!

Much of what you want to happen will happen after the RV and especially after Disclosure. Remember there are 2 parts to Disclosure.

#1) Disclosure of the bad government, pedogate, etc. New Republic, Gold backed money, etc.

#2) Disclosure of Aliens, Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, space travel, high technology etc.

Until then the "Show" must go on to maintain the illusion for the sleeping public that all is the same. That means collect taxes, spray (Fake) chem. trails, and corporations continue what they are doing. While much of that is fixed already, most will have to wait for the authority of the Republic and NESARA law, coupled with the public's awareness and knowledge, before it is closed down and rebuilt in a beneficial way. It would be nice to have it all before the reveal of the Republic, NESARA and disclosure, but in reality, it has to wait until after. 

But then there is the matter of this new Republic. It is being portrayed as the saving grace. In a sense, it sure is. But don't truthseekers deserve to understand a true dejure American Republic is built from the county level to the states to the Federal level. So this new Republic is just the stepping stone to eliminate the corrupt stranglehold preventing it... and it will provide the means to wake-up the public with disclosures, to build governments the right way, with truth as knowledge to prevent such corrupt infiltration going forward.

You just said it all. In example, in the new Republic type government, we are NOT "Citizens," we are "Residents" of the Republic. We will learn all about it once it is made public.... very soon.

If we are truly to a point where only the faces / minions remain, and in a contained manner, why is it so difficult to see truth and transparency? Why is truth suppressed, while lies are rampant theatrics? Note Le Pen vs Macron must be a known conclusion, as we have the good route forward vs. more cabal shenanigans.

In this case, the deception is from the New Powers That Be. They are maintaining the illusion that the government is the same as always so that the public does not freak out. When it is time to tell the public what has happened, and that we have a new Republic, they will be told about everything. That time is near. 

Please help me understand what I am missing.....

Thank you.

With Appreciation & Gratitude and Love & Light.


Signed: One Who Knows

To "one who knows" (the one where the cat is doing the typing)How will we get our contact's phone number to call if we don't know their phone number? When they email us and say please call us we have important information will they also include their phone number to call? The answer to this question will calm many people down from constantly worrying.

Many thanks to all the light workers out there. Thanking you in advance


I have been told that when I email out a notice like that I can include the (my) number for them to call back. That would be the smart thing to do since most people don’t have other people's numbers handy to call. Besides, if they don’t include their number in the email notice, they will certainly get lots of emails back asking for it.

"SITREP Requested"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 4:37 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Hello Family, at this point in time I know and understand that there's been some type of delay but this message is for Yosef or OWK when can we expect some type of update from you guys on where we are.

One Of The Light

I am expecting it anytime. Noting to get done. ALL Conditions are "Right" for it.

"Question for Yosef, Tank or OWK"

Entry Submitted by CPA at 2:40 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Quick question guys,

If Mike Pence is slated to return to the US tomorrow, Tuesday April 25th, then does that mean the GCR needs to occur before he can return?

Doesn't Nesara / Gesara need to be announced and the republic before Pence and Ryan can return to US?


You have revealed a "Clue!" A VERY GOOD ONE!!!!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

ONE WHO KNOWS: Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan, 25 APRIL

Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan

We have all heard of the Early Segment Roll Out Plan, which by the way is still going.

I have given you plenty of information on that plan on the Zorra call, the Gary Larrabee Video Channel, and here on DC. Here are the links:

"Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

"Procedures Upon Receiving 800 Numbers by One Who Knows"

"ZIM Exchange Process and 800#'s" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17

Many Are Concerned

Even though I have explained the plan as best as I can from what I know, it still leaves the question of "What If I am not on anyone's list?" This is actually a valid concern because there will be some who are not contactable since their emails have changes or don’t have phone numbers or the like. I want to give you comfort now and a way to solve that possible problem.

The Good News

The good news is that when this goes "Live" which is the "On Time" release of the GCR, the FIRST 800 contact number will be allowed to be sent by email to you. It won’t be a word of mouth requirement. This makes sense since it is live to the World and no longer a secret. I can imagine that if you got the number on the early roll out plan and leaked it out, it would be a HUGE problem, because the operators on the phone would confirm the GCR to whoever called. THAT COULD NOT BE PERMITTED.

However, once it is "Live" any bank you call will confirm that there was a GCR and want you to come in and exchange with them. But don't, of course, as it is way better to go through the special exchange process and get the higher rates, better perks, and interest. This means that emailing the First number will be permitted.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

This brings me to Patrick's website, that we all know and love, Intel Dinar Chronicles.


He now has a sign up place at the top of his page to get on his notification list for the 800#s when they come out. It is called: TETELESTAI Notification List Signup

****** This is an Image of what it looks like: *********


I have been told that when this goes Live, he will be able to send out the First 800#s to everyone on the list. To me, that is the best place to sign up right now.

Sure you may still go in early on one of the Segments, but if you sign up on Patrick's list, you will get a notification AS SOON AS IT IS LIVE!!!! How can you go wrong with that? Do yourself a favor and go there and sign up now.

Personal Request

I have a personal request to make of all my fans. I have gotten so many emails requesting to be on my segment list that I am quite literally unable to even reply to the emails I get, much less make contact when this goes.

I have G-mail which limits me to being able to send only a certain number of emails in a day. I am getting so many emails, that if I responded to them, I would quickly hit my daily limit and be prevented from sending any other emails including my posts on DC. I just am not set up to handle the amount of email I get. To be clear, g-mail does not limit the email coming into my inbox, just the amount I can then sent out.

My Request

I would ask everyone who sent me emails to get on my list to please get on Patrick's list as he is set up to handle way more emails in and out than I am. Go to his site now and sign up to be sure you are on his list. As I said, I have confirmation that when this is live, he will be allowed to send you the first contact 800#. I just cannot, due to my limited email capabilities.

Understanding Requested

I am also asking for understanding from those who have sent me emails recently. As you know, I have not responded to your request as I am not able to send that many emails. I will sort through them and for the ones who have questions about my philosophy and book, I will reply when I get a chance. I will also answer any other questions I can. But those who requested to be on my list, I ask that you understand that I can't even respond to those emails as it would immediately block my email account, due to maxing out on sent emails. Please forgive me, for not replying to your request, as I really wanted to and it makes me feel bad that I can't.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are very near the end of this ride. I imagine that when this goes live, which is the "On Time" release anyway, the number will be sent to you by Patrick and most likely on the web page as well. There is nothing to fear as no one will be left behind.

As far as my list goes, I am sorry to say that I cannot accommodate all who want to be on my personal list. I can't even reply to the emails I am getting, as the volume is so large. However, that being said, I still welcome email requests for information, and enlightenment related stuff. I just may be a bit late in getting back to you at this point.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows




Yes dp..I need a new bank outfit, my hair and nails done

dont want to waste money if im not going immediately!



I bought the glue on toenails for $5 so my toes look decent..dont laugh!



thats what im afraid of dp..I will probably be shaking so bad that I wouldnt be able to drive myself anywhere

Avon...yes, trying to keep it simple going to the bank....but it still will entail negotiating and my brain does not do well with that...and the person who was going to go with with who also holds curr will not respond tro my my emails or calls...soooo there u have it...dang

cal, there are many that get nervous and afraid they are going to blow it. One thing I do is take notes. I take notes on everything, make a binder of your notes, currency, projects.. and what you want to say to them, neg rates, every question you have for them. You will look professional going over notes to present yourself to them.