Sunday, March 26, 2017

TONYGRASSO :Tonygrasso from DV talks about the note count being down , 26 MARCH

Okay so they just told us that 100,000 notes in circulation represent 5 trillion dinar. We were also told recently that there are 24 trillion dinar circulating in country so that means that the other 19 trillion dinar are in 25,10,5,1k notes with some 500 and 250 in there as well so if say 10 trillion were in 25 k notes that would be 400,000 more notes which would make 500,000 notes representing 15 trillion dinar. That leaves 9 trillion dinar represented by the balance of the notes. 

The CBI's goal is 1.18 billion notes representing 25-30 billion dollars worth of dinar, so 999,500,000 notes cover the rest of the dinar. Now I'm only hypothesizing on total 25k notes, but do you guys see where I'm going with this? 

The note count has to be WAY down, probably much lower than the 1.18 billion that they were targeting. Just my two penny's worth, or three dinar as the case may be


RvRv:  I've heard that April is a popular month for the IMF to officially revalue a country's currency.    Has anyone else heard this or have any documentation?

Fuze:  RvRv for the last 32 years, 100% of the time in all  instances where an IMF member country has changed the value of its currency over $0.50 (which is expected in the case of all of the countries currencies we're holding ) has been on a Wednesday, in April or September....the source is the IMF website.

This was one reason I told my family in December, I was confident we would not be in the banks exchanging prior to April 2017.

This belief was reinforced after the December conviction of the IMF director, for basically taking unorthodox actions in her formal job as the finance minister of France. Although she was spared from a jail term,  there ain't no way in "blank" she will break protocol again.... and I can't blame her.

GoodTimes1: Iraq and the RV Is finished or will be soon, they are hanging on with no New loans or $ to back them up, Time is up!

CharlieOK:   The only issue remaining is, as DAZ has said, when the PTB decide to turn the money back on. When "they" are thru horse tradin' the on switch goes on….. If it isn't Mosul it will be something else. The Players have to decide when to call all bets and end the game.

Airam:  Charlie completely agree.....now is Mosul .....before was the HCL .....the GOI ....the Ministers.....or whatever the ones in charge decide..... Can you imagine delaying the retake of Mosul for a timing thing....sounds absurd ....but it is what it is

JSL:  Did you guys know that? The estimate of USA assets is around 500 Trillion in values,

So just saying in all reality our Debt to Asset ratio is in the Big Picture not an unfixable thing. We can fix this country and even our Debt if we ever get our heads together

We even have several brand new Oil discovers lately, that surpass anything we could have imagined, not to mention our natural gas reserves, USA is largely and untapped Goldmine! True story

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 26 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 26 2017

Compiled 12:06 am EST 26 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. March 25 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: ADMINBILL TIDBIT, 25 MARCH

1. The weekend would be quiet until Sun when more info would come in.

2. It was still Red Alert, just not bright enough to turn green.

3. Most were in agreement that the activity for currency holders was an indicator of a tidal wave for the coming weeks.


B. March 25 2017 9:30 am EST Revaluation News: "Colors" - Revaluation News - Saturday - March 25, 2017

1. HSBC ordered in food last night (Friday) and had shift changes sleeping in cots. That's how close we were. Even the primary RV bank didn't know exactly when we would start.

2. Sat. March 25 was suspected to be the global release date - which could mean early Sunday morning March 26 in USA.

3. The remainder of the first quarter was to be used for currency redemptions, which were expected to complete before China's President Xi Jinping visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the first week of April.

4. Wells Fargo senior staff was replaced for not accepting the HSBC wire pings earlier in the week, but now had received all necessary funds for the RV currency exchanges.

5. HSBC was footing the bill for the RV and Republic government and still exclusively buying and selling the ZIM currency/bonds for the AIIB (Elders).

Excerpt From Frank26 Wed. Night CC , 26 MARCH

Excerpt From Frank26 Wed. Night CC : Link to Notes

Frank26 IN MY STRONG OPINION...the MR has been going on inside of Iraq for quite awhile ago

We’ve shown you many articles of how this is possible. Infancy is NOT the starting of the MR...it is in the stage that it is in right now... WALKING...taking it’s BABY STEPS...and soon...it will start WALKING VERY FAST!

The speed will pick up just like we told you. BRILLIANT CALCULATED STEPS by Abadi and Trump!

The East is done in Mosul...and 95% done on the West side of Mosul.

Abadi said ...I will announce to the world that Mosul is liberated at the Arab Summit. Abadi is under the US control...not like a puppet ...we are a TEAM .

Abadi is a TEAM PLAYER...and when he returns back to Iraq...GAMES ON!

Fenway: OK, so tomorrow (Monday) concludes the Summit's preparatory meetings, so the Summit itself is Tuesday-Wednesday.
Now we know when to watch for Abadi's expected declaration of the liberation of Mosul.

The Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq Acer 's director Jabbar said on Sunday the creation of the Central Bank of Iraq , a new slogan mimics its history of financial and monetary policy based semantics "solid."

Jabbar said in a statement, said the creation of "Central Bank of Iraq , " a new slogan came up to date with ancient history, and its leading role in the monetary policy of the Iraqi state, as well as its contribution to national development in accordance with the financial and economic variables in order to achieve sustainable financial stability.

He added that the bank adopted the motto map of Iraq, as the embodiment of national identity, and to confirm the affiliation of the Iraqi state, according to the instructions issued by His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has used the bank with Maghazi several indications embody coins cash Iraqi metal through the development of the idea Reducers of them, and their from the memory of the Iraqis and the symbol of a clear monetary policy in the country, while the counterpart of gears refer to "development" in a clear reference to the role of the Iraqi Central Bank is expected to activate the circle of development projects across the country, as well as reflected from a firm position on population POLICY Financial clear in Iraq. "
He went on Jabbar said , " while confirming Reducers symbolic Tnazerhma in two logo on they send a clear message to the role of the Central Bank of Iraq as putting a dressing head is important in the national economy. "

He continued , " The color of significance that held by the central bank has been drawn from a smaller color the unit in the Iraqi currency in modern history , a "penny".

He ended Jabbar , his statement by saying that "there is a CBI which is an acronym for" CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ "in the center of the map of Iraq is a sign that the role of the central bank includes all parts of Iraq from north to south and from east to west as the backbone of the national economy.


Don961: The new symbol of the CBI .....

" several indications embody coins cash Iraqi metal through the development of the idea Reducers of them, and their from the memory of the Iraqis and the symbol of a clear monetary policy in the country,"

" The color of significance that held by the central bank has been drawn from a smaller color the unit in the Iraqi currency in modern history , a "penny".

Embody coins cash Iraqi ... stirring up Iraqis' memories of a more stable currency environment ... where metal coins had value ...

without the need to carry around satchels of banknotes to do some shopping ..... featuring the color of the copper penny as the smallest unit used in history .... yet still having value ...
"through the development of the idea Reducers of them",.....

Perhaps a feel good , pride of country , preliminary introduction to the 3 zero notes being exchanged for lower denomination notes and coins ... with real value ...

"bank adopted the motto map of Iraq, as the embodiment of national identity,".....

Iraq's solid monetary policy .... and its currency .... is a symbol of the strength and soundness of the country .... a sense of national identity ... thought went into this new symbol .... a new beginning for Iraq ... IMO


Salamon69: Quote of the best part in that article and the new symbol of the CBI

perhaps a feel good, pride of country, preliminary introduction to the 3 zero notes being exchanged for lower denomination notes and coins... WITH REAL VALUE

Walkingstick: Agreed.... If the Iraqis themselves do not value their local currency, they will continue to turn to a currency of prestige.. USD: The currency reform has as much of a psychological impact as it does monetary... The new logo, speaks volumes..to the World, but more importantly, to the Iraqis themselves.... An expression of monetary sovereignty, in turn...instilling faith in the local currency ..

Aggiedad77: Good morning WS......I am liking the explanation between you two and I'm in agreement pride of ownership is a huge thing with Iraqis.....has always been a big issue in the ME I believe. Aloha Randy

Don061: According to this , 100 million 50k IQD notes have been issued .... all serial numbers accounted for ..... no need for anything higher ... IMO

Parliamentary Finance: Nothingness currency of a class of 150 thousand dinars so far, perhaps 100 000
BAGHDAD - Iraq-Presse March 25 / March: Parliamentary Finance Committee renewed Saturday in responding to Maeetm trading in the social networking sites, denied the existence of a proposal to put 150 thousand dinars category by the Central Bank of Iraq at the present time.
He continued Rapporteur of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Haji, in a press statement I followed / Iraq Press / he "has not been talking so far about the launch category of 150 thousand dinars," pointing out, "it was the proposal of a class of 100 thousand dinars by the central bank, a study developed the Mamatarouh so far is the currency of the category of 50 thousand dinars have been pumped into the market by 5 trillion dinars. " Ended O.h



APRIL 1, 2017 - (2nd Quarter Start) a Public, Official, New, Substantially Higher Dinar “COME OUT” Rate Value, WITHIN the entire country of IRAQ (All 33 Million Population). Sometime that same week (thru the 10th), International Exchanges with New Rates, begin. Rates will fluctuate up & down in the worldwide markets through end of June, but will predominately go UP, heading into July 1.

JULY 1, 2017 - (3rd Quarter Start) Another Dinar Rate increase, in the country of Iraq.
Could Iraq just wait till June or July 1st? Sure they can. They can do whatever they want. Will, they? We don’t think they’ll wait, to get started. We think they’ve been given approval to get started April 1st.

As time progresses toward the Fall……toward the Iraq Elections…….toward the start of the 3rd Quarter……which is SEPTEMBER 1…….it’s going to get Really CRAZY! It’s ANYONE’S GUESS, what’s going to happen - but it won’t be boring!

By then, hopefully, everyone will have some extra money in their pockets, and the pressure will be off. That’s our Hope, our Belief, and our Prayer