Thursday, November 27, 2014

MATTMAN111 POST FROM S3A:the "biggest secret" to all, 27 NOV

Mattmann111:ATTN All S3A Members and Dinarland: 
Due to the fact that the US/Obama/PTB keeps delaying the inevitable RV/GCR, i am going to share the "Biggest Secret" to all, which will be 1000% more profitable than the dinar and dong combined (with contract rates).  And i do pray that those who have the "eyes to see and the ears to hear" will take full advantage of the "Biggest Secret" that i am about to share.
The 100 and 50 Trillion Zimbabwe notes (minus the 6 zeros= 100 and 50 million notes respectively) are NOT the largest notes for the zim.  The "minus 6 zeros" only applies to the "Trillion dollar notes" and does not apply to all of the other zim notes.  So in other words, the "Billion dollar notes" (50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 Billion notes) will be the largest notes for the zim currency exchange without any zeros taken away. The Billion notes are much cheaper than the Trillion notes, and it doesn't matter if they are circulated or non circulated notes, for they all will be exchanged at the same rates. Only purchase the largest denomination of Billion notes that are the 2008 series with the "3 rocks" on them (looks identical to Trillion notes).  And it doesn't matter if the Billion notes are 2008 AA, AB, AC series, the "2008 AA" series of notes only applies to the Trillion notes for they will be taken out of circulation after exchange. 
There aren't many Billion zim notes left on ebay and amazon for purchase, so please use your own due diligence and seriously consider adding the Billion zim notes to your currency collection before they are all sold out or are removed completely. 
Semper Fi and GOD Bless the Republic !!!


TNT Tony @THE_TNT_TEAM · 7m 7 minutes ago
Scrolling on Iraq TV right now, Iraq is prepared and in coming days will be able to rejoin the international market ....#wearethepeople
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Scrolling on iraq tv right now....economic reform is underway. #wearethepeople



R.V. / GCR November 27, 2014 The global collateral accounts have now been secured by the goodguys. The cabal just need to go hide because the Fema camps are going to be available soon...if you are cabal

Dana > R.V. / GCR That is the BEST news ! Are you completely sure on that?  Then countries,Humanitarians and RV...everything happens!The Global Collateral Accounts  is what we've been waiting for to be signed off on!

L T > R.V. / GCR Amen to that! What a Blessed Day if that is true. We have a lot to be Thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to All!!! xoxo ;)~

Sem: Happy Bird Day ALL!  Lock Down in Reno for Private so, let's be thankful for a successful Friday

Robert L. M. Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember that loose lips sink ships! The WWII saying is still so true. Many people will tell things today they will wish they had never said. Be careful!

Remember NDA is coming and that most robberies and kidnappings are based upon information from friends of friends talking about things they should never have known!

TY S3A and GO RV!!!!


EXOGEN November 27, 2014 If the referendum Sunday passes and the Swiss government is forced to start beefing up its reserves, the price of gold could jump to more than $1,350 an ounce — an increase of 18%, Bank of America predicts.

Vaughn:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MDc4BHm8WqU#t=0

R.V. / GCR the Swift Swiss vote this Sunday if they vote yes then that will be the death blow to the central bank of the world it will cause for banks to crash and it will cause bankers to jump out of windows it will also cause for the currency used to be re evaluated at new currency rates so if you own currencies you may prosper from this happy Thanksgiving happy timber days

RA > R.V. / GCR Yes, this referendum this weekend will say a lot for what is going to happen.  RUMOR is that they may decide to switch to a gold standard.  BUT there are a lot of powers in play on this so we will see what happens.  It could go either way, towards an RV or a total collapse.  It really all depends on the ptb and how this all plays out.


EXOGEN November 27, 2014 at 11:07am

Gold prices may surge if Swiss vote on reserves passes

Helena Bachmann, Special for USA TODAY 3:49 p.m. EST November 25, 2014

GENEVA — Global gold prices may surge in the coming week if Swiss voters approve a controversial measure that would force their country's central bank to keep at least a fifth of its assets in gold.

If the referendum Sunday passes and the Swiss government is forced to start beefing up its reserves, the price of gold could jump to more than $1,350 an ounce — an increase of 18%, Bank of America predicts.

Spearheaded by the right-wing Swiss People's Party, the so-called Save Our Gold law would compel the Swiss National Bank, the country's central bank, to increase its gold reserves from the current 7.7% to 20% within five years.

To do that would require repatriating Switzerland's gold stored abroad and also buying approximately 1,500 tons of gold bullion at prices that have quadrupled since Switzerland began selling off its reserves in 2000.

The law would also forbid any future sales of Swiss gold.

Currently, Switzerland, with 1,040 tons, is the world's sixth largest holder of gold and the largest per-capita holder, according to the World Gold Council. The United States has the world's largest reserves at 8,133.5 tons.

A recent poll by Swiss Television and the GFS Institute showed 38% in favor of the referendum, 47% opposed and 15% undecided.

Investors apparently are not too bullish about the referendum passing, as gold prices have risen less than 5% in the last few weeks.

Still, Sunday's vote is setting off alarm bells within the Swiss parliament and among business groups. They argue that forcing the central bank to stockpile gold it cannot sell would diminish the bank's ability to set monetary policy and react quickly to changes in the market. In recent years, for instance, the central bank had printed 400 billion Swiss francs ($412 billion), deflating its value against the euro and capping the exchange rate below 1.20 francs ($1.24) to the euro.

The central bank took that step to protect Switzerland's economy from the European debt crisis and boost its exports to the European Union, but the Swiss People's Party has been critical of the move. "To tie the franc to a weak currency like the euro and a weak economic area like the Eurozone is a recipe for disaster," the party claims on its website.

Backing up the currency with increased gold reserves, the group argues, would keep the franc strong and the Swiss economy impervious to global financial crises.

Some analysts counter that a law requiring increased and unmovable gold reserves might have a negative effect on the currency market and the economy in general. "The (central bank) will think twice about buying unlimited amounts of foreign currencies in order to keep its cap for the euro at 1.20 francs," says Teodoro Cocca, professor at Swiss Finance Institute in Zurich. "Most likely, the cap would have to be lifted, the franc will appreciate, and that would be a burden for Swiss exports."

However, UBS currency analyst Thomas Flury said "the overall impact on the franc would not be dramatic." He predicts that the central bank might institute negative interest rates, a measure that would weaken the franc.

"What is most worrying about this initiative for global markets is the prospect of limiting the freedom to print more money by re-introducing currencies that are partially or fully backed by gold," Cocca says. "Liquidity is what keeps markets happy these days, and any prospect of less liquidity would make markets fall."

IRAQI DINAR 123 NEWS :Is RV Before Budget Possible?, 27 NOV

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Investors almost daily have to hear about Iraqi dinar future and they are searching daily rumors which are predicting dinar experts online. Here we discuss some expert’s predictions.
BGG expert predicted, Al-Shammari imposed at all government organizations and financial institutions to deal in Iraqi currency which boost Iraqi dinar value in international market. Iraqi currency circulation in international market helps Dinar RV. BGG predicted that 2015 will be dinar RV reform.
Adam Montana another dinar expert saying, Budget announces at March 2015 and finally Iraq budget announcement date is confirmed by finance committee members. Hope Iraqi Dinar RV along with Iraq budget 2015. Because lot of Iraqi development and financial projects pending due to delay budget and it’s defiantly a positive impact at Iraqi economy. Finally Adam Montana saying, dinar revaluation expected after budget 2015.