Friday, October 24, 2014



soundoc :  Yesterday morning, I got news from banker that people have exchanged in Missoula MT, and Seattle (43 in MT, 124 in Seattle) So unless it's the elite double dipping, then we will be at banks shortly.


RV/GCR: OK the codes are released just got confirmation they are pinging the forexnow and then we see the admiral go in over the weekend forex opens onSunday and they just said we are back now to MONDAY again for PUBLIC EXCHANGE.

it should show on the forex screen on sunday open 5:00 eastern time

 SECRET I WAS JUST OLD TUESDAY BANK ... FROM SOURCE. WHY TUESDAY? .... We have been told of select contract exchanges and some transactions ll begin as early as this evening continuing thru this weekend.

We are also advised that group exchanges are to begin payout after 48 hour hold from treasury to the paymaster level along with contract payments on TUESDAY.

I was told that the admiral has not gone in yet that the codes are logged into the treasury this has not started yet they are expecting for the admiral to go in between now and Sunday at 6:00 pm is what the assumption is and when he signs that’s when the 48 hour hold will start.


Tony is in the house.  DC too!!!  This is the highlights of Tony's call. Adept does a great translation.  It’s in the Conference Call notes on the home page of this forum. - Sunny

DC: "Last night it was supposed to go. Also night before that. Celebrations planned for Sat. in Iraq. . . Multi-million dollar purchases, billion dollar contracts in Dinar." (have been signed) 
DC- “ Iraq agreed to a time line but should be in the next couple days . . . two or more .. not picking a time .. this is what they agreed to.  We are very, very close . . . playing this Mon., Tues. game for . . . They have made a lot of promises to be done for the new year or right after.  Let's just see what happens .. don't go out and buy anything based on this. ”

Tony –“Telling contractors they will get paid in new currency on Monday. . . No, I do not see it going to Thanksgiving. . . past the middle of next month.  It’s just waiting to go.  What is holding it up has nothing to do with the RV it’s self.  It’s outside stuff . . . What happens after the announcement .  . . who supplies what.  All agreements reached this week.  Now we are down to the actual time."
Tony gave out his address ONLY for those who will send him copies of responses/letters they received from politicians.  Send copy only, not the original.   Send ASAP!  Tony wants to show the things we had to go thru in this process.  It’s not going to be one-sided. 
DC – my humble belief this is one of the biggest financial decisions in history.  I think it will have a profound impact throughout the entire world . . . It is my intent to help put this into a research center to better understand what is going on. . . provide them this book, a book of everyday citizens experiences . . .  for both Bush and Obama administration
  • Parliament:  successful in moving many pieces of legislation thru in past weeks.
  • 2015 budget to be finalized this weekend.  Negotiations back and forth to get what the politicians wanted in the budget they did not get in the 2014 budget.
  • Abadi took a road trip &.Senior members of Parliament flying to where they have connections ..China, Turkey, Iran etc shoring up the support against ISIS.   Over 80 countries represented.  These countries wanted reassurance that ISIS was being dealt with because of the multi-million dollar contracts being signed.
  • Baghdad still has car bombs and drive by mortar going on.
  • Projects: tremendous amount of contracts being signed from telecom, road construction, electric lines, oil refineries,etc. Contracts have deadlines on funding starting last week. Over 80 companies represented.  These are multi-million dollar, billion dollar contracts to be paid in Dinar.
  • Contracts are not gonna be invested in until the security situation is done. 
  • TV still running spots saying all economic reforms completed in the coming days.  It’s still frustrating people, along with the disparity and confusion with black markets issues and in the various rates around the country that affects trade, purchases.  Intelligence agencies across the world reporting this frustration back to bosses.  
  • HCL Done.  It's a living document and will continue to evolve.
  • IMF, BIS trying coordinating the timing.
  • UST ready.  Focused on the banks.  Full communication with the banks and running tests.
  • US Congress focused on the election. The Dem's concerned it's almost too late to help with the elections.
  • NDA that DC has seen, says foreign currency investment.  Does not stipulate any particular currency.
  • Exchange:  can take 1 other person with you.  
  • 1st Basket:  DC has heard it will be Dinar and Dong.  Rest of the currencies will come later.  Tony said he heard 4 or 5 but not supposed to talk about it.  Possibly ZIM to help with Zimbabwe economy
  • 2nd Basket:  earliest being mentioned is January.  DC putting in safety deposit box and not expecting it for years. 
  • Security:  multiple in bank and parking lot.  Don’t tell anyone when, were your appointment is.  Need 2nd appointment for your reserves.
Stolen dinar/ Counterfeit, illegal activity / ISIS held Dinar: Missing money has been known about for some time.  They know where it is.  It is being dealt with by issuing new currency, invalidating the other and fazing out the old currency.  This is IN-Country.  It does not pertain to us. DC - will issue new currency and invalidate the other.
Caller at approx 50 minutes into the call voiced frustration.  Said the Dinarians have been patient and the Guru’s have kept them calm, sedating w/hopium and deadlines. This section was approx. 20 minutes long.
Tony, “We're here to inform you of where we are or where the process is... not here to force the government to do anything. . .We're in the moment. . . We do not have same situation today we had last November or April.”  

DC: "People getting paid in Jan . . . inherent unfairness of so many going is blatant, horrible.  We just want you to stay in the game.  Yes, it’s absolutely aggravating that some folks are so far  above us they can exchange a year in advance.  If they are going to screw us over in the future, yes we will bring back the twitter campaign."
CLOSING STATEMENTS:  Yes DC talks really, really fast.  Pam is no slouch either.  I have captured direct when I could and paraphrased other times. 

DC: Bottom line.  Parliament and others made tremendous strides.  ???? got published on Wed.  2015 budget to be done Sat./Sun.  Celebrations scheduled for new year and dinar celebrations.  Don’t go buy anything.  Been scheduled before.  Be careful.  Heard we’re real close before.  Tell me when!  Understand some callers extremely frustrated.  Often times we don’t fully understand . . . appreciate
 all the points in a decision. Yeah, we are frustrated.   

Pam:  Yes, I am a tyrant.  It gets kind of ugly in the chat room.  People complaining.  I get tired too.  We have amazing mods who donate their time.  They have been doing this as long as we have.  I told one of them “it will only be for a week or two.”  We’ve got amazing people. . . Transcribers, I cannot mention them all.  We couldn’t do this without you guys.  Members who help other members and doing things for other people.  That’s what it’s all about .  We hope this is over.  OMG, we hope this is over!  We’ll be here for the next call.  If you don’t want to hear it, don’t call in please.

Ray:  Been a good call. Can give my 2 day notice.  Enjoy this fabulous Friday!  Enjoy the weekend! 

Tony:  Been a great week.  Long, informative.  We are hearing again, contracts to be paid out on Tues., ***(Monday) RV the currency, scheduled to go at some point or another.  Not the first time we heard it and may not be the last time.  Not excited.  Know they are fighting to get it done.  Know they are prepared.  Know the rates are there.  Do I know people are and have been getting paid and 100% of their money?  Yes.  Is it frustrating for me?  Yes, just as frustrated.  We asked about us and were told, “No, It’s not your turn.”  I said BS, that don’t make sense. . . We got the procedures and how to walk thru it.  We are this close. 

 Let’s just get through it.  . .. It makes sense according to what they want to do.  I don’t not pay my bills or not do stuff cause tomorrow morning I’m going to be rich. . . Keep living every day until it happens.  Look forward to it.  We are that close. . .   Could happen any moment. . . . I hope to be calling you back.  It’s Friday night.  I’ll skip the drink, the cigar.  We’ll see what happens.  Enjoy your day.  If something happens I’ll ??? . . . Hopefully we will come back.

***All through the call Tony would say the contractors were to be paid on Tues. and DC would correct him to Monday. Tony psychic or stuck in a Tues. rut?  
I'm done.  Something to think about:  Look at a glass.  Whether it's air or liquid, technically it is always full. - Sunny


Iko Ward from TNT Chatbox: Hi Guys, they're trying to do it tonight. Don't ask how I know cause it has to do with patterns I've identified on Forèx prior to other known RV attempts. But they are trying to push this through as I write. Hopefully, they will.